Gnarley Neal's San Diego Coronado Ocean Instruction - Surf Lessons, SUP Lessons, Surf Camps!

About Gnarly Neal's Ocean Instruction

GNARLY NEAL'S was started with the sole intention of providing both the general public and corporations with first-class, professional surfing instruction. 18 years later we can earnestly say that we still pride ourselves in delivering this ultimate level of service to our clients.

At GNARLY NEAL'S we provide professional instruction on a year-round basis to all individuals from ages 4 – 84. Each of our professional surf instructors have a minimum of 10 years surfing experience and are well-versed in CPR/Lifesaving techniques.

Come and join us for a professional surfing experience!

Gnarly Neal's Surf Camp began serving the world renowned Hotel del in 2004 and the City of Coronado in 2006 with summer surf camps.

The utmost safety for all student surfers is paramount at Gnarly Neal's Surf Camp, therefore to ensure their wellbeing each of our staff of surfing instructors are trained in C. P. R. and lifesaving techniques. In addition our maximum of ten children per camp session permits us to provide quality supervision to all surfers while both in and out the water.